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When you get your Limberjack, drop us a note and/or a picture of you with your limberjack!

The Limberjacks are great! I showed the work crew how to dance the cute chicken! My grandkids will love these. Thank you Dave and Charlie!

Pammy S.



Jack arrived here a few minutes ago. :-) My father had one when I was little and I remember what fun it was. Have been practicing with different types of music. I need more practice but am sure he will really be ready to dance for our art show in October. Thank you, Dave

Eunice B.


Just received my Dancing man doll, and I am thrilled to say that he is exactly as ordered, excellent quality and wow does he dance.........!!!!!!. I am 68 years of age and a friend of my Grandfather used to amuse me as a child with his Dancing man doll.This really brings back so many memories. Thank you again,and I will recommend you to as many as I can.
Kind Regards,

Pat R.



This toy is for my 9 year old son. His great great uncle used to make all sorts of these. On Thanksgiving his grandmother was sharing this memory with him. She said it was a shame that nobody in the family kept any of his creations. My son searched the internet and found you! Merry Christmas!!! Thank you.

Karen R.
Randolph, NJ


Hi David,

Your limberjack doll is amazing. My 8-year son liked it so much, he's been walking around with it, since it arrived. I am surprised that my 3-year daughter was trying her best to make the doll dance too!

Thank you for all the fun :)

Regards, Deepa A., INDIA


A lot of people I met in the streets really loved your chicken!!! I used that in Italy, Paris and Istanbul and I had a lot of fun with that! Everybody tell me that is really a masterpiece!!! Thank you for let the people enjoy your chicken limberjack!

Fabrizio B., Italy


Dear Dave and Charlie,

My order for a limberjack arrived at my house in Scotland today. I didn't have high hopes at first of receiving the toy because of the distance between the two countries, the two different mail services, planes, etc, etc. But Hamish, as we call him, has arrived. He's fantastic! I thought we might have to spend a few weeks teaching him to dance the Scottish jigs and reels, but he instantly leapt out of his box and was up and at it right away. Boy, can he do the Highland Fling! I'm 65 years old and loving Hamish to bits - can't wait for the grandchildren to come calling. They'll think I'm a genius (which I am!). Anyway, guys, thanks for your impeccable service.

William C.
West Linton, Borders, Scotland UK


Thanks for taking my order over the phone today. Just wanted to tell you that your website is great! It is very informative and a pleasure to watch. I had no idea how far this little toy can be taken.

As a kid my Dad had a limberjack but part of a leg was missing and the board was not with it. If I remember correctly the stick was a coat hanger device and a coat hanger may have been what was used for the swinging parts. Most interesting part was it was made by a guy they called Oaky Doke. I think that is what I will call this guy when he arrives.

Looking forward to getting the little guy in a few days. Thanks again.

You made an old man happy!!

Bob G.
Emmaus, PA


Hi Dave! Received the Limberjack and have been playing with it ever since. I am 63 years old and am having a blast! My friend has a Bluegrass Band and I'm anxious to play the Limberjack with them. Just too much fun and addictive!

Many thanks!

Soni R.
Newport, TN

P.S.: Will have to have hubby take a picture when 'FLAP JACK" plays with the band. I'm tryin to decide how to paint him... maybe as a hillbilly since we live in the Smokey Mountains. :)


Hi Dave,

Just wanted to let you know the limberjacks came, and they're beautiful! I can't wait to paint them with my daughter! They will make for a fun Christmas! I appreciate your generosity and understanding. Take care, and Happy Holidays!

Werner S.
Bangor, PA


Got the limberjack package today. What fun! They really are limber. Thanks!

Theresa B.
Salina, KS


Greetings from Alabama!

A friend and I each have Appalachian dulcimers (and I have an autoharp, he's excellent on the dulcimer) and we are debating about buying a couple of limberjacks.

I've been perusing on line, comparing things. So far, your prices and shipping by far are the best. So I want to know - why are your limberjacks so reasonable priced when others are MORE, and your shipping is $5 when others are $7 and up? Do you use soft wood rather than hard wood for the jacks, or are yours not jointed at the shoulders, hips, and knees, or what?

Netagene K.
Birmingham, AL

Our response:

Hi Alabama,

I guess we're not charging enough! Ours have joints at knee, hip, and shoulder. We make them out of walnut, cherry, maple, poplar, and other woods from time to time. Right now we have some we made out of 150 year old Indiana poplar, some maple and maybe a walnut or two. Mostly we sell wholesale to music stores and such or to individuals so I am not up on what other people are selling them for.

Dave & Charlie Alm


Thank you for making these! They are hard to find in a folk-like format.

Elisha S.
Laughing Hearts Yoga
Croton on Hudson, NY


Dave & Charlie,

Thanks so much. We just bought a used dulcimer #363 from the year 2000, made by Charlie, from a friend. Our daughter is turning 14 on the 15th of May, and she has been playing for about 8 months now along with her 15 year old sister and my wife. The dulcimer and Limberjack will be birthday gifts for her, as she has been borrowing one all this time. Thanks again!

Lori K.
Liberty Township, OH


And here is a really nice note from Armando after a recent visit to our shop with his dad and brother. Great drawing, Armando - you did a really good job of showing how the board bounces up and down to make the Limberjack dance!

limberjack dancing doll



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