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Windmill Toys, Models & Kits

Harness the power of the wind in your own home!

Each windmill comes with educational sheet on windmill history, and interesting facts about the windmills being built to generate electricity today. (Click on photos to see larger picture.)


Solar Windmill

Item Number: WSP
This is a 1/250th scale model, so if you stacked about 250 of them on top of each other, they'd be about as tall as the real thing! It is powered by a solar panel located on it's base. When the sun shines "the windmill turns at 18 rpm", according to the manufacturer. We've found it can turn anywhere from slow, slow, slow to REALLY FAST, depending on how much sun it is getting. It does need to have pretty direct sun to work. The closer to 90 degrees the sunlight is to the solar panel, the faster it goes.

I have a solar windmill at home on my south-facing window sill, and when the sun gets up above a certain point, it starts going. Nice! This is a fun little item to play with at work when you should be doing more important things. Unfortunately all of my windows at my work face north, so I can't really get one going there.

It seems a little ironic that solar power is used to turn this windmill's rotor, and the way the blades are made, no amount of wind would ever turn them. That said, it is still a nifty piece to demonstrate solar power to kids and introduce how photovoltaic materials convert solar radiation into direct current electricity. In assembling it (the assembly is simple and quick, perhaps 5 minutes at most if you take your time) it's clear how the parts relate -- the wires go from the solar panel up to the DC motor which turns the rotor. Affect of the angle of the sun to a solar panel becomes obvious when moving it about. When you block the sun with your hand the rotor comes to a stop, and if you block it only partially the rotor slows down.

The Solar Windmill is 10.25" from table to top of nacelle, the rotor is 8.5" in diameter, and the overall height is 14". The nacelle can rotate. The solar panel is 2.5" x 2.25". The Solar Windmill ships to you disassembled so it is less costly to ship. Assembly is simple and quick, perhaps 5 minutes at most if you take your time, and requires not no special skills or any tools. An illustrated instruction sheet and an illustrated historical and contemporary windmill information sheet are included with every Solar Windmill.

SOLD OUT! -- Hope to have more in by late Spring.

Only $34.95 USD

water pump windmill model

Water Pump Windmill

Item Number: WPWM
These iconic windmills used to be seen all across America. They were used to pump water out of the ground, making it possible to have fresh water for cattle, irrigation, or for draining low-lying areas of land. Though many are still in operation, they are getting fewer and farther between. A few dedicated enthusiasts have bought a put them together - you can still find (or make) parts for some models.

Charlie grew up on farms in the Midwest and decided to make a model of this vanishing piece of American farm history. It measures 15 inches tall. The base is 5 inches square. from the front of the rotor to the back of the tail is almost 7 inches.

The rotor and rotor ball bearing are made from recycled parts, re-machined for this purpose. Rotor spins nicely. The base and platform are painted white, while the tower, tail and rotor are left natural metal. Each windmill is signed and numbered on the bottom.

This is sure to please any windmill collector, technology enthusiast, farmers young and old, and about anyone who likes a sharp handmade model. We ship anywhere in the world with a sturdy box and good packing material to protect your model.

Only $29.95 USD


16 Inch Windmill

Item Number: W16
This 16.5 inch tall windmill's rotor turns in the wind or the breeze from a fan.The nacelle (generator housing) turns 360 a full degrees. Painted realisicly, green base and gloss white tower, nacelle and rotor. The rotor is 11.5 inches in diameter. (A kit of this same windmill is available and listed below.) Click here for video of this windmill turning in wind. Makes a fun toy or conversation piece that demonstrates how a wind turbine work.

Only $19.95 USD


Child's Colorful Toy Windmill

Item Number: WCHC
The Child's Colorful Windmill is 9 inches tall. The rotor is 5.25 inches in diameter. Small children can play with it and learn some of the basics of the windmill. Bright yellow rotor spins nicely and the red nacelle rotates a full 360 degrees. The hand turned base is painted green to represent grass. The tower is a beautiful rich blue. One person when viewing all of the windmill line said, "I just like the cute little fat windmill!" This design is courtesy of my wife who pointed out that babies and toddlers love bright colors. I give these to daycares in our area so little ones can learn about the new clean ways we are making power. Windmills will be an important part of their world!

Only $19.95 USD

toy windmill

Child's Toy Windmill

Item Number: WCH
The Child's Toy Windmill is 9 inches tall. The rotor is 5.25 inches in diameter. Small children can play with it and learn some of the basics of the windmill. Rotor spins nicely and the nacelle rotates a full 360 degrees. The hand turned base is painted green to represent grass, tower, rotor and nacelle are white. One person when viewing all of our different windmill together said, "I just like the cute little fat windmill!".

Only $19.95 USD

windmill kit

Windmill Kit

Item number: WKIT16R
Have fun learning about windmills while building this working model! Educational and fun activity for ages 7 to adult. Windmill kit takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble. When it is finished, paint and decorate. Now it is ready for some wind, either outside or from a fan indoors. Fact filled instruction sheet gives much interesting historical and contemporary info on the windmill. Click here for video of how to assemble the rotor for the windmill. (Kit is also available assembled and painted realisticly as item W16, above.)

Only $19.95 USD

toy windmill kit

Child's Toy Windmill Kit

Item Number: WKITCH
The Child's Toy Windmill Kit is 9 inches tall (same as assembled Child's Toy Windmill above.) The rotor is 5.25 inches in diameter. Small children can play with it and learn some of the basics of the windmill. Rotor spins nicely and the nacelle rotates a full 360 degrees. The hand turned base is painted green to represent grass. One person when viewing all of our different windmills together said, "I just like the cute little fat windmill!". Kit easily assembles in approximately 30 minutes. Ages 7 to adult.

Only $19.95 USD

windmill puzzle

Windmill Puzzle

Item Number: WMP
This is a hand made wooden puzzle is comprized of 7 brightly colored pieces. When assembled it is an attractive display. Assembley is straight forward, though very young children may require assistance. Not for children under 3 years of age as small parts may present choking hazard.

Only $19.95 USD

windmill model

27 Inch Windmill

Item Number: W27
The is the deluxe model! Our 27.5 inch tall windmill has a hand turned tower and hand carved blades. Rotor turns (though not in the wind) and the nacelle rotates full 360 degrees. The rotor is 18 inches in diameter. Model is painted and fully assembled. Each one is signed and numbered by the builder on the bottom of the base. This is a sharp-looking demonstration piece that is sure to bring compliments.

Only $39.95 USD

Whirly Gig

Item Number: WG
A flying toy that you launch with a two-hand twist. Soars to amazing heights! This great folk toy demonstrates the principle of the windmill's rotor or the airplane's propeller. Place the stick between you hands. Push one hand toward you and the other away and the whirlygig's rotor lifts is high into the air. Fun toy for kids 8 to adult.

Only $1.95 USD

display windmill

8.5 Foot Windmill

Item Number: W8F
This 8.5 Foot Windmill (nicknamed "Charlie's Monster") is definitely bigger than a bread box! Tower is 6 feet tall, rotor is 67" in diameter, making for an overall height of just under nine feet! Rotor and nacelle both turn completely. Solid 14" x 18" base assures windmill will be stable. Uses for these so far include: display on a 4th of July float, display in the library of a college with a wind technology program, as a "sign" at our booth at the Steam and Gas Power Show in Battle Ground, Indiana, the Apple Popcorn Festival in Brookston, Indiana, and the Green Revolution Earth Day Fair in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and as a visual at a convention in Las Vegas to emphasize our customer's use of wind energy. A number of wind energy industry groups have ordered one or more.

This item is a little large, so call us if you have special shipping requirements. If you are in driving distance you can pick it up at our store or we may be able to deliver to you. These are built to order, so allow approx. three weeks for yours to be built.

Only $299 USD

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